5 WhatsApp New Features arrived in 2022

As we all know day to day WhatsApp features are getting upgraded, every time when WhatsApp gets new updates on Google Play Store or App Store we see WhatsApp releasing new features frequently.

Since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook we can see a lot of improvements and features that have frequently arrived to the users. We can even see that WhatsApp has introduced a ‘Payments’ feature which was more useful for a lot of users to make payments quickly & easily all within WhatsApp.

Not only this we even see there are many features WhatsApp just introduced to the users as soon as it is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp is one of the world’s best & biggest messaging platforms that is used by nearly 5 billion users every single day. So apart from messaging & calling WhatsApp even has many more unique features that help long-time WhatsApp users.

Unlike messaging & video calls we even know that on WhatsApp we can share our images, documents & other files. However, while sharing or sending private texts or images, we always worry about the privacy that we have sent to someone. So to make this ease we all know there is an amazing feature which is called “Delete for everyone” if u had sent wrong texts & if u wish to delete it & also the “View Once” feature while sending images or media once the user is viewed which will be automatically deleted.

After getting the amazing features of “Delete for everyone” & “View Once” users were still unhappy in certain conditions because these features have a time limit & advantage of taking a screenshot of media. However, to break these rules WhatsApp has recently released many more features in their recent updates that really excite you a lot.

The recent features that Whatsapp has released, many users are still not aware of it & even though the users have updated their WhatsApp to its latest version & still a lot of users are not aware of it. However, in today’s tech news, we are going to reveal all the WhatsApp new features that have arrived in 2022.

Here are the 5 WhatsApp New Features that arrived in 2022:

1. Delete for Everone time limit extended

We all know how amazing this feature called “Delete for Everone” is. To any of your friends or family if u had sent any texts by mistake & if u wish to delete them later then this feature has helped a lot hopefully to many users.

But however the “Delete for everyone” option might work only for a certain time limit where you can use this option or it works within 1 hour. So after an hour or more long time if you wish to delete a message to everyone then it won’t work. This is the most disappointing thing for many users.

Finally, now the users don’t need to get disappointed because WhatsApp has extended the “Delete for everyone” time limit to approximately two days. Where if you suppose forget to delete a message for everyone and if you remind it on next day however you can proceed it successfully. You don’t need to worry that the time limit is short or ended.

2. View Once (Screenshots Disabled)

If you are more worried about your privacy then this excellent feature is for you.

Whenever you are trying to send any images or photos to your contacts you have seen there is an option in WhatsApp called “view once” which is nothing but when you enable that option while sending images the contacts who receive the images can just view it once and however if they go back the image gets deleted or they cannot view it again until unless the sender sends it again.

This is one of the excellent features given by WhatsApp to the people who really care the privacy too much when sharing any media with their contacts. But however, there is one small disadvantage to this feature even though if you send the media by marking view once still the people can save the images by taking screenshots so suppose if a receiver captures a screenshot the privacy breaks.

Because of this small disadvantage, most people think this feature is useless.

Finally, WhatsApp has fixed these issues where now a receiver cannot capture a screenshot which is completely taking screenshots has been disabled. So a sender does not necessarily have to worry about his privacy that a receiver might have taken screenshots. This feature works only when you mark the “View Once” option while sending images perhaps if you forget in marking this option then a receiver can save the media easily.

3. Show Profile Photo to all except some Contacts

Are you worried that your WhatsApp Profile Photo is seen by every one of your contacts except a few?

Then stop worrying, WhatsApp has bought an amazing new feature where now you can take control of your saved contacts who have the right to see your profile photo.

Show Profile Photo to all except some Contacts

To Enable this option or to take control of who can see your WhatsApp profile photo follow the below guide:

Go to WhatsApp settings>Account>Privacy>Profile photo>Select>My contacts except>Then select the contacts whom you wish not to show your WhatsApp Profile Photo.

4. Show your Last Seen to all except some Contacts

This is one of my favorite features and not only me even many users are expected to get this feature for a very long time finally the feature has now arrived.

For a very long time, we have seen that WhatsApp has given us control over the ‘Who can see my last seen’ option to either ‘Everyone’ or ‘My contacts’ or ‘Nobody’. But whereas we don’t have an option to hide only a few contacts.

After a long time now WhatsApp has released this feature to users where now users can take control of the contacts who can be seen the last seen and who should not be seen.

Show your Last Seen to all except some Contacts

To Enable this option or take control of who can see your last seen follow the below guide:

Go to WhatsApp settings>Account>Privacy>Last seen>Select>My contacts except>Then select the contacts for whom you wish to hide your last seen.

5. Exit from the Group without exposing

Have you been added to many WhatsApp groups by your friends or family? But worried about how to exit.

WhatsApp has bought a super exciting feature where now if you exit from any of the groups apart from the admin no one gets notified that you have been removed or exited from the group.

Not only just exiting from the group silently, but WhatsApp has also even bought one more amazing feature where you can take control of who can add you to the groups. This feature really helps a lot of users who are really frustrated from getting added by many unknown groups.

Exit from the Group without

To Enable this option or to take control of who can add you to the groups follow the below guide:

Go to WhatsApp settings>Account>Privacy>Groups>Select>My contacts except>Then select the contacts whom you exclude from adding you to the groups.

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