5 Best Photo and Video Backup Apps for Android & IOS

In 2022 as we all know how importance we give to our smartphones and files then we must know the best Photo and Video Backup Apps for Android & IOS.

In our daily life in some or another way for many reasons, we just keep capturing photos and we keep shooting videos especially if our profession is photography or if we keep traveling to different places. Unlike being professional even as casual we always capture some media as screenshots which are considered as most important files.

However, when it comes to backing up our photos and videos it is really the most difficult part because in one or another way we end up in big confusion on choosing the right platform for storing our media files in the cloud.

For some people, the photos and videos are considered just files but for some people, it is a lifetime memory where they just capture each and every part of their life, and making it safe is really your biggest responsibility.

No matter whether you have fewer media or more and perhaps if you are confused about which to choose as the best backup option for your photos and videos then we are going to make your doubts more simple and clear.

However, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the best 5 photos and video backup apps that we have picked right for you.

5 Best Photo and Video Backup Apps for Android & IOS:

1. Google Photos

If you are an Android user as we all know Google Photos is one of the best and most recommended apps for our smartphone for managing our media.

Google photos are not only just considered for a backup it is also the best gallery app that has dual functionality. For many Android Phones, you would have seen where Google Photos will be the main primary Gallery app. In some smartphone brands apart from Google Photos, you can’t see any other preinstalled gallery apps because they just believe Google Photos is enough.

In 2022 as we all know that if we are using an Android smartphone it is mandatory to have a Gmail account however even if we don’t have still it is mandatory to have an Email Id for every individual and for the rest of that our email id falls under Gmail.

Once you have created a Gmail account you are not going to access only your Gmail because while creating Gmail along with a Google account also will get created where you can always access Google’s products absolutely for free.

Not only this when you create a google account you even get a 15GB of free storage that can be used everywhere to store all your contacts, emails, and also along with all your photos, and videos.

Finally, to store and access your photos and videos, Google bought this amazing app called Google Photos.

Google photos app is not only available for Android it is even available for IOS users too. All you need is your Gmail or Google account to sign in. Once you have signed in you can back up all your Photos and Videos easily to Google Photos and also you can view them whenever you want.

You can use Google Photos to back up your media up to 15GB and if you go out of storage you can buy the storage all for less price as optional. But however, if you wish not to purchase it then you can always select the uploading storage quality option accordingly to reduce your quota.

2. Photos+ Cloud Library

Our second recommendation for a backup is the Photos+ Cloud Library app.

It is one of my favorite apps and I mostly recommend this app to professionals. If you have tons of photos and videos and are always worried about the security of files and if you are having difficulty storing, carrying, and saving all your files on a hard drive. Then Photos+ is for you.

If you are really not worried about paying small monthly charges then Photos+ is just a boon for you. the reason why I recommend Photos+ is it is one of the media backup apps where you can just upload and download anytime your photos and videos anytime safely all directly into your own cloud server.

Photos+ app allows you to back up all your media files directly to many cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, and Wasabi. All you need is any of your favorite cloud accounts to be active.

Unlike Google Drive by picking up the right cloud storage platforms such as Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, or Wasabi you can just store an unlimited number of photos and videos and all is safe and secured also you can access it whenever you want directly from your Photos+ app.

If you already have an S3 storage account you just need to link your API credentials with Photos+ and then it creates a new bucket for you inside your S3 and rest you can enjoy uploading unlimited files.

To use the Photos+ app all you need to pay is a small subscription fee of 23$ which gives you the freedom to use the app for 3 years.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive as we all know we don’t need any introduction to it and how popular it is to store files online.

OneDrive is not only for accessing PC files or office documents it is more advanced in managing media files too such as photos and videos which are all similar or alternative to Google Photos.

OneDrive offers free 5GB cloud storage for all users and this storage is absolutely free for a lifetime. However, if you wish to expand your storage you can always upgrade to their paid plans.

If you compare OneDrive paid plans to Google Photos OneDrive is a bit more expensive than Google Photos but Google Photos provides more additional storage for a low price when you go for the paid version. But however, the features & security are the same on both platforms.

4. Dropbox: Photo Storage & Cloud

Dropbox is almost similar to Microsoft OneDrive it has the same functionality as OneDrive where you can connect it to both PC and Smartphone platforms to share & backup files efficiently.

Dropbox is the most popular Cloud Drive and Photo Storage platform you can upload your photos and videos safely to Dropbox and you can view, manage and share anytime all with more advanced security features.

If you are looking for something alternative to OneDrive then Dropbox is the best choice for you.

5. pCloud: Cloud Storage

pCloud is something almost similar to OneDrive and Dropbox but if you compare pCloud to other cloud storage platforms it gives you better benefits than other.

pCloud gives you 10GB of free storage for all users which is one of the biggest benefits that we get from pCloud. The OneDrive and Dropbox initially just give us 5GB of free storage which sometimes we feel very less.

If you are looking for something which offers more or additional storage for backups absolutely for free then all I can say is that pCloud is best. It not only just provides you with more or extra free storage but also includes many more advanced features and security.

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