5 Reasons why NordPass is the Best Password Manager

In 2022 we all know how difficult is to remember passwords but “NordPass” is the one that makes it much easier to securely store and remember all your passwords.

In today’s digital world as we all know every day we keep signing in to different apps or websites. Especially if we are working every day in online then usually the sign-in number increases. To sign in to different websites all we need is login credentials that mainly include passwords.

Sometimes we might remember passwords easily if our daily log-in sites are just one or two but what if we are trying to sign in to many sites. Then definitely we might go into difficulty in remembering our passwords.

Some people no matter what websites they sign in usually their passwords will be the same, however, keeping the same passwords for a long time is not recommended which is not safe & secure. And also we have been seen in some most popular websites where they usually keep sending you mail to change our passwords frequently or for every 30 days and now it has become more common to get that suggestion from small to big websites.

If you are worried about the security of your data then it is most recommended for you to change your passwords frequently. But however, if we keep changing the passwords do we think that we remember all those passwords instantly?

No – Remembering passwords of 100 sites instantly is practically not possible by a human. Even though it is possible only when you note down your passwords somewhere.

Saving or writing your passwords somewhere in a hard or soft notepad – “Do you think your passwords will be safe & private” – Because anytime our passwords can be stolen by anyone so saving the passwords is risky.

But however, without saving the passwords it is highly impossible to remember after a long time or whenever we need to log in for multiple sites. So here’s the question that arises then how do we save the passwords quickly and also how do we access them securely?

So to save & manage your passwords quickly & securely all we need is a password manager like “NordPass”.

The password manager is not something new or came into digital recently it has already you have been seen everywhere. For example – If you take a browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Edge, or Safari they already have this password manager built-in.

You would have seen it whenever you try to sign up or create a new account or you try to sign in or log in to any of the websites your browser usually prompts you to “save the password”.

Whenever you click on it to save the password it usually saves all the passwords within your browser and next time when you try signing to the website it just automatically auto-fills the password and you don’t have to type your passwords every time.

It sounds useful & interesting – But however, this built in-browser password manager lacks many features.

If you are worried about your passwords to get more security then all you need is the best password manager. In the market currently, there are a lot of premium password managers but still, if you want something best all with more advanced features then “NordPass” is the one that you need to pick.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss why “NordPass” is the best and why you need to use “NordPass” manager, and all about its amazing hidden features.

5 Reasons why NordPass is the Best Password Manager:

1. Free to use for a lifetime

This is one of the main reasons why we love NordPass. Usually, when it comes to the password manager everything is a paid or premium and nowhere you will get free to use apart from the browser’s built-in password manager.

The reason why the password managers are built for only premium is because of their amazing features where each and every password manager from a different company offer different features. The features are absolutely available for paid users however you can get to use them for free but it’s all trial or available for only a few days to use.

But whereas when it comes to NordPass it is absolutely free to use. You can just signup NordPass using your email address and thereafter you can start using NordPass for a lifetime.

Even NordPass has a premium or a paid version where a few features are available only for paid users but however, but if you compare it to other password managers such as 1Password, or LastPass which are completely available to use only for paid users, in that case, NordPass is the best password manager.

Check out the below table for the features and differences between NordPass Free and NordPass Premium:

NordPass FreeNordPass Premium
Save Unlimited Passwords
Autofill and Autosave
Export and Import Passwords
Save Notes & Credit cards
Password Generator
Fill Forms
Protect Passwords with Two-factor Authentication
Sync across devices automatically
Stay logged in with multiple devices
Share Passwords
Emergency Access to trusted people
Trusted Contacts building
Identify Passwords of weak, reused, and old
Scan the internet for data leaks

Even though some password managers offer free or trial versions it is all available only for a few days. Just imagine what if your subscription ends or gets expired. And there’s no way you can recover your passwords where even all your data will get deleted slowly from their server unless you renew it.

Here are the steps on how to sign up for NordPass:

  • Step 1: The first step to getting NordPass you need to have a Nord Account. If you don’t have a Nord Account you can easily sign up for one or directly you can sign up from NordPass website.
  • Step 2: Create your Nord Account by entering your email id or you can signup using your Google account.
  • Step 3: Once you have signed up for the Nord Account then it will redirect you to the dashboard where it asks you to enter the “Master Password” which is used for extra security.
  • Step 4: Create a “Master password” this password is used every time when you try to access your NordPass application to view and store passwords. (Note: “Master Password” is different from your Nord Account password).
  • Step 5: Once you have created the “Master Password” then it will take you to the NordPass browser application or main dashboard.
  • Step 6: Now you can store and manage all your passwords and also you can import the passwords from your browser.
  • Step 7: You can install the Nordpass Extension to your browser and also you can install the Nordpass application on your computer to manage easily.

2. Generate Passwords automatically

Every time when we visit different websites for signing up or creating a new account we have seen that when we try to create a new password sometimes it says “Password is not strong” or “Weak password”.

The reason for getting a weak password prompt is because the password that we enter is not strong enough that it might become easy for some people to find out. So however it is recommended to enter a strong password.

To make your password strong by default the site will give you suggestions that your password must contain special symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters. Even though if we mix our password according to the shown suggestions sometimes still we might get a prompt of password is medium or average.

If you are worried so much about creating a strong password or if you find sometimes difficulty in creating a very strong password then you don’t have to worry about it. NordPass will just give you the suggestions on creating strong passwords automatically.

For example – If you are trying to create an account from any website then while signing up obviously you need to enter the password however in the password box automatically the NordPass will show you the suggestion on automatically generated passwords.

Even you can manually generate a unique password by just going directly to NordPass application or web version where you can find that option on the bottom of the left side menu. You can even find it directly on the extension.

The most interesting part of the password generator is you can create a unique password according to the number of characters, digits, and symbols as per your wish.

5 Reasons why NordPass is the Best Password Manager

3. Check your Passwords whether it is leaked on the Web

This is an amazing feature that is offered by NordPass.

Have you ever worried that I left my password somewhere on the internet or it might have been leaked somewhere on the internet or what if my passwords have been leaked somewhere on the internet?

Even though you are worried that your passwords might have been leaked on the internet but still the difficult part is finding out whether it has been leaked or not is very complicated or tough.

However, if you are so much worried about your data leakage then NordPass will definitely make your job simple. NordPass has this amazing feature where you can easily scan the entire web to find out whether your passwords or data is leaked somewhere on the internet or not.

If you want to use this feature as a NordPass free user you can use it for the first 30 days during the trial period. And if you are a NordPass Premium user you can use this feature whenever you want till your subscription is active.

5 Reasons why NordPass is the Best Password Manager

4. Share your Passwords securely or Emergency Access

Do you want to share your password with someone to your friends or family or anyone else but are you worried about the security or do you want to give access in case of emergency to someone to view all your passwords?

You can do all this securely with the help of NordPass. The NordPasss not only just allows you to store and manage the passwords you can even share your passwords or even you can give access to your passwords to view by someone in case of emergency.

To share your specific password of any of your accounts with someone you can do all this by clicking the sharing option and then entering the email address of someone with whom you wish to share your single password.

In case you wish to give emergency access to someone all your passwords are to view and manage by someone. Then you can give this access by clicking the “Emergency Access” option which is located on the left side of the bottom menu in the NordPass application and then enter the email id of the person to whom you wish to give access.

5 Reasons why NordPass is the Best Password Manager

5. Extra layer of Security

This is one of the important reasons why you need to choose NordPass Password Manager.

If you are using NordPass you don’t have to worry about the security and theft which are all managed by NordPass team.

With the help of NordPass whenever you store your passwords or data such as notes. it will ensure you that all of your sensitive data will be kept private and securely. There’s no way that leaving you non of can view your data and not even the NordPass.

NordPass is the product that is developed or brought to you by the company of “NordVPN”.

As we all know how popular the NordVPN company which provides VPN services all over the world to enhance more security & privacy of the people on the internet. The team of NordVPN experts is the one who developed the NordPass.

If you are worried about the security of the data then all we can say is that you don’t need to worry about it. If you are using NordPass you are using the safest digital product that ensures all your data will be safe & private.

You can even see the NordPass and their other products which it has been featured by many companies. The Nord team is active since from 10 years when initially they released their NordVPN product first in the year 2012.

The Nord products are not just been got featured by big brands they even use their products too.

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