Why you should buy MacBook Air M1 even in 2022?

Are you planning to buy an Apple MacBook Air M1 in 2022? Then there are some interesting facts about why MacBook Air M1 is the best choice even in 2022.

As we all know basically, how powerful Apple’s MacBook Machines are, and especially if you are a student or traveler who prefers to carry a lightweight laptop then MacBook Air is for you.

Even though Apple has another advanced and powerful version of the laptop called the Macbook Pro but still Macbook Air is one of the best machines that most people prefer to buy. When you compare MacBook Air to Macbook Pro both are good machines and the pro is obviously more powerful than Air.

Just because the Air is a lightweight machine doesn’t mean it lacks powerful features and performance. Both Macbook Air & Pro are super-powerful machines and both almost come with the same features, processor, and hardware. The only difference between the two is the Pro has the fan and looks heavy and Air it lacks a fan and looks super slim.

However, if you are a fan of the MacBook Air or if you are planning to buy a Macbook Air laptop in 2022 then let me tell you why the current version of the Macbook Air M1 is best.

Why you should buy Macbook Air M1 even in 2022?

The Macbook Air M1 was released in the year 2020 however this super machine was originally released two years back but still today the newer model is not yet released by Apple and this is enough to prove why Macbook Air M1 is still the best today.

Even though if Apple releases the new Macbook Air in the coming days but still the M1 is something a better choice for you to pick it up.

5 Reasons to buy Macbook Air M1 in 2022:

1. More Discounts & less Price

This is one of the main reasons why you should buy a Macbook Air M1 in 2022.

Yes the Macbook Air M1 is running with a lot of discounts and deals where you can just buy this super powerful machine for 1000$ or even for less with some stores.

However 2 years back this was not the price the laptops got sold out but if you made a plan to buy today you can just avail of the machine for all less price and even with lot more discounts. In some online stores such as Amazon & Flipkart, you even get an extra discount & offers for buying this machine on their store.

2. Super Slim & lightweight

For many years this is the reason why many people prefer the Macbook Air because of its less weight and ease to carry anywhere you want.

But in the coming days, there’s no guarantee that Apple can release their next MacBook Air with all same super slim design. Recently Apple released the new version of the Macbook Pro M1 Max where it just bought it’s some of the old missing ports such as Magsafe, HDMI, and USB 2.0.

By bringing back its old ports Macbook not just become powerful & useful but also became a heavyweight laptop and also its design too completely got changed from screen to body.

But however, Apple has not yet still released its new Macbook Air and its design and production are still in progress however we can expect it to be released very soon. Once the newer version is released all we can expect is something new and no way to expect the same design of super slim.

If you really love to hold a super light weigh machine from Apple’s brand then all we can say is the current version of Macbook Air M1 is one of the best and probably that you can never expect again in the future.

3. Powerful Processor & Chip

Unlike the old intel MacBooks, the current MacBooks are now running with a new Chip called M1 which is Apple’s own chip that was introduced to their machines.

The M1 processor is just very powerful as their previous intel processor whereas now after 2 years the processor has just become more popular, powerful, and optimizable with many apps.

If you love to experience the amazing performance on your Macbook machine then Macbook Air M1 does for you.

4. Long-lasting Battery

Have you ever experienced the long usage of performance or tasks on your Macbook after charging once?

The M1 MacBook Air gives you a battery life of up to 18 hours which is quite impressive and it also proved that it maintains a good battery stand by for up to many hours.

In many tests, even MacBook Air m1 has won by giving long hours of battery. If you are using your MacBook only for a few hours every day with all minimum tasks then you can expect to use your MacBook for almost a week on a single charge.

5. Less noisy or no sound

Do you work on your Mac for a long time every single day?

Then it is very important to notice one thing usually on laptops if you work for a long time or if you do heavy tasks you would have seen a fan getting run inside the hardware which sometimes feels irritated, noisy, and lost of disturbance.

Normally if you would love to do heavy office work on your laptop it is always recommended to do your work in silence, especially at night time. So just imagine at those times if your laptop starts making noise frequently how do you feel? So to eliminate those noise the only option you have is to pick the Macbook Air.

The main reason for Macbook Air to be super slim and lightweight is because this machine hardware doesn’t run with a fan all you can experience on a mac is just Air and that’s more than enough to continue your work with more silence and peace with no sound forever.

The all above reasons are just limited and still, you can find many good reasons to buy Macbook Air M1 in 2022. But however, the above-stated 5 reasons are more than enough to go with Macbook Air M1 without having a second thoughts.

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